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Thursday, 14 February 1991

Maori Culture, Dance and Haka, Rotorua

Maori Sculptures Meeting House 1991 Rotorua New ZealandMaori culture, it's wonderful people and it's history simply has to play a part in a tourist's visit to New Zealand.

Watching the Maoris sing, do the poi dance and performing the traditional Haka is an event not to be missed. Audience members who wish to can also join in with some of the dancing.

Maori Dance and Haka Rotorua 1991 New ZealandThe Maori achitecture and carvings are beautiful and I am sure many a tourist like us returns home with a small piece of Maori culture such as a small carving memento or piece of jewellry.

The pictures on this post are my own. I do have video which I hope to embed in due course but in the meantime enjoy this Haka from You Tube

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