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Sunday, 3 February 1991

Heathrow Airport 1991

Heathrow Airport London 1991OK it's not New Zealand (yet) but I thought this level of security at Heathrow Airport (Terminal 4) must be worth a mention.

Due to the fact the Gulf War was still in progress Heathrow was still under very heavy security with armed police and the army in evidence.

Quite an experience to add to what was our first flight ever to any destination.

Enjoyed a nice flight via Alaska to New Zealand aboard Japan Airlines. If there was a downside it was only that I'd assured the wife they'd surely have some English food aboard to suit English travellers. My mistake, the only things she consumed during the flight was a bread roll and a packet of Bombay mix! Me? I try most things but sushi really wasn't my thing - I prefer my fish cooked!

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