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Friday, 8 February 1991

Southwards Motor Museum, Southwards Car Museum

Vintage vehicle Fire Engine Southwards motor museum Wellington New Zealand 1991
New Zealand is, lets face it, a relatively small couple of islands and isolated thousands of miles away from any other highly populated country. You wouldn't think they could lay their hands on many vintage vehicles.

On the contrary. The Southwards Motor museum must have one of the most impressive collections of vintage cars and other vehicles in the world. From familiar Rolls Royces to old fire service vehicles. From little 'bubble car' vehicles to the 'Back To The Future' DeLeorean DMC 12 Model  this museum really has the lot.
DeLorean DMC-12 Back To The Future Car 1991
The huge Southwards Museum complex (see Google satellite image above) also houses a huge, working, model railway layout.

Model railway layouts are still very popular in New Zealand. In other destinations on the North Island I will be posting you will see they are still very much popular tourist attractions.

Both young and old will appreciate just how much work and dedication has gone into the layout at Southwards.

Model Railway Layout Southwards Motor museum Wellington New Zealand 1991

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