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Saturday, 9 February 1991

Mount Victoria for more Wellington views

Mount Victoria Wellington New Zealand in 1991Another day another excellent viewpoint. This time from the Mount Victoria Lookout.

Using Google Earth, above, I have put you as close as possible to the lookout point. I have no idea why Googles car did not drive the short distance to the viewpoint or even continue navigation of the road.

However, using the usual controls for Google Earth turn around and head back down the hill. As you decend you will still get great views as younavigate the winding road.

Wellington NewZealand View of airport and harbour 1991

Friday, 8 February 1991

Wellington, Oriental Bay and the Carter Fountain

Oriental Bay Wellington New Zealand 2010

Back to Wellington.
The Carter Fountain Wellington New Zealand in 1991
It really is a superb city with plenty to see and do.

Head down to Oriental Bay to mingle with the shoppers or just take it easy at the water's edge and enjoy the passing water craft including tourist tour boats.

If you are down there you won't be able to miss the Carter Fountain. Just get your photographic memory timing right as the fountain varies greatly in height. To get it just right you may be playing with your zoom lens a bit!

City of Wellington New Zealand pictured in 1991

Paekakariki Hill Road, Paekakakari for stunning views

Kapiti island New Zealand picture from 1991
Take a trip North West out of Wellington and head along the Paekakariki Hill Road. Enjoy the winding roads as you climb and at the end your reward will be spectacular views along the New Zealand coastline.

Continue on to Paraparaumu for great views of one of New Zealand's most valuable nature reserves - Kapiti Island. Visitors to the island are limited by the New Zealand goverment ensuring that it's valuable flora and fauna are fully protected from human interference.

View from Paekakariki Hill Road New Zealand

Wrights Hill Reserve for Wellington Views

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City of Wellington New Zealand pictured in 1991There are many places in Wellington where you can get your fill of scenic views. Most of them involve a bit of climbing (well walking or driving uphill) and Wrights Hill is no exception.

This is actually one of the best locations where panoramic shots could be considered by those who like to do things a bit more adventurous with their photography. So if you are going to take a lightweight tripod anywhere in Wellington Wrights Hill should be on that list.

View the planes coming into land at Wellington International Aiports, watch the cruise liners docking in the harbour or just enjoy the views over the city which you will remember for ever.

To state the blatantly obvious try to go to viewpoints when the weather if fine. The final effect just isn't the same in fog or rain.

City of Wellington New Zealand pictured in 1991

Publish Post

Southwards Motor Museum, Southwards Car Museum

Vintage vehicle Fire Engine Southwards motor museum Wellington New Zealand 1991
New Zealand is, lets face it, a relatively small couple of islands and isolated thousands of miles away from any other highly populated country. You wouldn't think they could lay their hands on many vintage vehicles.

On the contrary. The Southwards Motor museum must have one of the most impressive collections of vintage cars and other vehicles in the world. From familiar Rolls Royces to old fire service vehicles. From little 'bubble car' vehicles to the 'Back To The Future' DeLeorean DMC 12 Model  this museum really has the lot.
DeLorean DMC-12 Back To The Future Car 1991
The huge Southwards Museum complex (see Google satellite image above) also houses a huge, working, model railway layout.

Model railway layouts are still very popular in New Zealand. In other destinations on the North Island I will be posting you will see they are still very much popular tourist attractions.

Both young and old will appreciate just how much work and dedication has gone into the layout at Southwards.

Model Railway Layout Southwards Motor museum Wellington New Zealand 1991

Old St Paul's Cathedral, Wellington, New Zealand

Old St Paul's Cathedral Wellington New Zealand 1991Old St Paul's Cathedral is a beautiful building, both inside and out . It is located at 34 Mulgrave Street,
Thorndon, Wellington. Google Street View puts you outside (above). You can easily navigate around street view or change to an overhead map.
 Inside old St Paul's Cathedral Wellington New Zealand

Out and about in Wellington

City of Wellington New Zealand 1991 with tug on waterWellington is a beautiful city and it has to be explored.

I hate eating out in the UK but New Zealand is so much better. The food just seemed to be of a far superior quality, the service everywhere was friendly and all eating places just seemed to be so much cleaner and hygenic.

So many food outlets in New Zealand have the Scandanavian Smorgasbord - eat as much as you like for one price approach. If you like your cakes you have discovered one of the country's with the scrummiest cakes in the world.

On a diet? Forget it for a few weeks and just enjoy the food. New Zealand is a destination you probably won't be able to visit every year and you should enjoy it all - food included.

You will have your camera. Use it! You only get one chance at capturing a memory. When I took these pictures I was hindered by lugging loads of 35mm films about and not knowing what the printed result would be.

That problem is not around any longer with small digital memory cards and the ability to look at and retake photos. There are no excuses (apart from the weather) any more for not getting the shot you want. Photography has never been easier. With most middle priced cameras able to take a reasonablly high quality video (some HD) you don't need to carry round a camcorder either if you want to travel light. Just take a good number of memory cards - and buy decent quality memory cards. They are far more reliable and faster.
City of Wellington New Zealand pictured in 1991 city life

Thursday, 7 February 1991

Queen Elizabeth Park Masterton

Deer feeding New Zealand 1991 Queen Elizabeth Park MastertonWe stick with the wildlife theme and recommend that during your visit to the Wellington area you take the opportunity to visit the beautiful Queen Elizabeth Park at Masterton

Masterton is the largest town in the Wairarapa region of New Zealand. Not only are the gardens beautiful but there is also a bird aviary, deer park and swimming pool complex.  

It's an ideal place to enjoy a picnic. There's a children's playground and miniature train. Take a relaxing walk around the park lake and feed the ducks and other wildlife. With mini golf, paddle boats and a skate park everyone can be kept occupied.

Stag in 1991 Queen Elizabeth Park Masterton New Zealand

Wednesday, 6 February 1991

Pukaha Mount Bruce Wildlife Centre

Pukaha Mount Bruce Wildlife Sanctaury Wellington New Zealand 1991
New Zealand is a country that prides itself on its natural beauty, its wildlife and it's hospitatily.

Once you get to Wellington if you really want to start off by seeing some of the country's most beautiful wildlife you cant go wrong with the popular Mount Bruce Wildlife Centre.

This chance to see some amazing native birds and their beautiful plumage at their very best

Wellington New Zealand Pukaha Mount Bruce Wildlife Sactuary 1991

Tuesday, 5 February 1991

Wellington Wainuiomata Hill View

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Wellington is, of course, the capital city of New Zealand. For an incredible view Wainuiomata Hill has to be one of the optimum view points for enjoying wide landscape views


Monday, 4 February 1991

Over Alaska and Anchorage Airport

View from a Japan Airlines 747 over AlaskaWell despite the fact the security staff at Heathrow managed to drop my new 35mm camera on the floor,damaging it in the process, fortunately it did still take pictures.

These shots were taken as we flew over Alaska and from the terminal at Anchorage airport.

Nobody could fail to be impressed by the incredible beauty of the snow covered Alaskan mountains.Amazing how Britain seems to close its airports at the slightest sight of a snowflake whilst Anchorage just takes it in its stride.

Anchorage airport in 1991

Sunday, 3 February 1991

Heathrow Airport 1991

Heathrow Airport London 1991OK it's not New Zealand (yet) but I thought this level of security at Heathrow Airport (Terminal 4) must be worth a mention.

Due to the fact the Gulf War was still in progress Heathrow was still under very heavy security with armed police and the army in evidence.

Quite an experience to add to what was our first flight ever to any destination.

Enjoyed a nice flight via Alaska to New Zealand aboard Japan Airlines. If there was a downside it was only that I'd assured the wife they'd surely have some English food aboard to suit English travellers. My mistake, the only things she consumed during the flight was a bread roll and a packet of Bombay mix! Me? I try most things but sushi really wasn't my thing - I prefer my fish cooked!