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Sunday, 17 February 1991

Kiwi 360 Rangiuru Fruit orchard and tours

Kiwi 360 offers you the most comprehensive "kiwifruit experience" you will get in New Zealand. The large piece of kiwifruit you see outside the attraction is actually a viewing point. You can climb up the stairs inside the structure to view not only the orchards but also the beautiful surrounding countryside in the Bay Of Plenty.

Your kiwifruit "train" takes you around the massive orchards and an informative guide tells you all about the history of this unusual oval shaped fruit.

Samples were available after the tour and we could tell how much attention one large American woman had been paying to the guide when she said "Gee.... what do you do with it...... can you eat it?". You had the feeling that if this was a "French fries farm," if such a place existed, she would know exactly what to do with the end product !

With the Bay Of Plenty providing the perfect combination of sunshine and rain the area is not exclusive to kiwifruit. The more familiar orchard fruits are also grown locally in abundance.

A store is available selling kiwifruit food products, soft toys etc. to give you a piece of memorabilia to take home.

Google's Street View images (above) were taken on a stunning New Zealand day. Hopefully you will visit on a similar day. We were not quite so lucky, as you can see below. We had practically no rain during our stay in New Zealand until today, 17th February 1991, when the precipitation decided it was going to make up for lost time! It was one of the heaviest downpours I have seen in my life. Fortunately the kiwifruit tour train was covered.

Kiwi fruit orchard attraction New Zealand Bay Of Plenty 1991 Kiwi 360

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