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Sunday, 17 February 1991

Mount Maunganui - the big hill that needs to be climbed

Its 232 metres (761 feet) in height and it offers spectacular views of Tauranga and The Bay Of  Plenty.

It stands out so much from the surrounding landscape you almost feel it is yelling out to you "climb me!"

"It" is Mount Maunganui !

232 metres doesn't sound like a long walk does it? After all an olympic athlete, in theory, could run that distance on the flat in under 30 seconds.

But as you can see (above) the path to the top is far from straight. Instead it winds around the mount, in a gradual, but deceptively steep climb.

An adult of normal fitness would get to the top in about 45 minutes. Anybody with any sort of walking impediment will probably take far longer. Wear comfortable footwear that are suitable for climbing on a stony surface. If it has been raining areas may be muddy too.Sandals are not the ideal shoes for this climb (I'd opt for comfy trainers). Oh and if it's a hot day go prepared with sunscreen and water!

The reward at the top however will be worth it, and hopefully you will remember to take your camera with you (you probably won't want to go back down to get it).

The good news is that the descent is far easier than the ascent was - I can almost guarantee your legs will feel that they have climbed far more than 232 metres.

View from Mount Maunganui Bay Of Plenty New Zealand 1991

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