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Thursday, 14 February 1991

The Agrodome, Rotorua

Boy a lot has changed since we visited the Agrodome in 1991. I thought it was great then but this is one popular tourist attraction that seems to be a whole lot better.

I'll deal with the traditional part of the Agrodome first and that is the chance for ewe to learn more, much more, about the sheep of New Zealand (awful pun, I know, sorry).
The Agrodome 1991 Rotorua New Zealand Sheep Shearing
Within a purpose built auditorium all the breeds are demonstrated to you with a very informative talk. Demonstrations of speedy sheep shearing follow and even the sheepdogs play a part too, running across the backs of their woolly friends.

Audience participation plays a big part too. Visitors can get up close and personal with the sheep, kids can help feed the lambs and there's great photo opportunities with all the animals including the dogs.

And that alone, for us, at the time was an extrememly enjoyable experience.

But now, after your demonstrations you can go on a tractor driven tour of the farmland where you can literally mingle with and hand feed sheep, deer, cattle, emus and ostriches and alpaca. You will continue on your tour in your 55 seater trailer enjoying spectacular views of the surrounding countryside and Lake Rotorua with many photo opportunities.  Also included is a visit to the pure organic New Zealand orchard which produces kiwifruit, olives, appleas and feijoas. Apparently this stop also includes free samples of New Zealand's wine and honey.

Model Railway 1991 England In Miniature New ZealandThat tour is a huge addition in itself but there are now loads of other activities you can undertake based in the Agrodome  complex. Fancy having a helicopter ride and landing on the edge of a volcano crater? A spot of bungy jumping? How about rolling down a hill sealed in a plastic ball? A free fall diving experience? All these adrenalin pumping activites are available and that's just a few of them!

Take a look at the Agrodome Website it looks like you'll be spoilt for choice!

New Zealand's Agrodome has now become a full day experience if you wish to fit as many activities as possible into your day.

An amazing experience and all available in the one place.

As regards to the large model railway "England in miniature" I have pictured above I am pretty sure this was housed within the Agrodome complex at the time of our visit. I am not sure if it is still there or elsewhere in Rotorua now. Perhaps somebody could comment to let me know.

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