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Tuesday, 12 February 1991

Honey Hive Taupo, formerly honey village

Honey in New Zealand is big business. Honey Hive, known as Honey Village when we went, is just one of many well stocked stores where you can buy various honey products.

Pure 'active' Manuka honey is said to have health benefits and that it can assist with some ailments and conditions. It is therefore extremely popular and comes in two 'grades' according to the purity and anti-bacterial content level. It is available to be shipped worldwide, however it should be noted that many countries have strict limits on the amount of honey that can be imported by an individual. In a few countries it is forbidden altogether.Whilst New Zealand honey is delicious anybody not living in the country has to think carefully before buying. Is is really worth buying it fresh direct from the supplier and having to cover the postage cost? Alternatively with honey having a long shelf life you may think it simpler just to buy direct in your own country.

Incidentally about shelf life on honey: Honey stored in properly sealed containers can remain suitable for eating for decades and even centuries (although I don't think I'd eat a jar hundreds of years old)! For practical purposes, a shelf-life of two years is often recorded on jars in stores. Hygienically and well processed, packaged and stored honey retains its quality for an extremely long time.

Manuka honey isn't the only honey available though. Lavender honey, clover, blue borage and others are available as are specialized 'gourmet' and fruit honeys. There's even a huge selection of honey-based skincare products. Honey based sweets for the kids. Honey Hive also sells novelty honey/bee products.

It's quite amazing that one simple, natural, product can be used in so many different products and stock a whole store.

An interesting place to visit, even if you don't particular like honey you may like to try out the skincare range.

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