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Wednesday, 13 February 1991

Cherry Island , Taupo

Cherry Island, Taupo, New Zealand, Animals and BirdsFor anybody who love animals, birds in particular, Cherry Island must be on your North Island visit list.

This small island is located at the northern end of Lake Taupo on the river that runs between Lake Taupo and the Huka Falls.

This is a lovely wildlife reserve. Yes many of the native New Zealand birds are in aviaries for you to admire but there are also hundreds of birds of all shapes and sizes, all totally tame, free to fly and roam all over the island.

But those that fly don't fly off the island and those that can walk don't cross the short bridge to the "mainland".
Cherry Island, Taupo, New Zealand, feeding lots of tame birds

Well would you if you had a loyal influx of gullible humans all bringing you an unlimited supply of bird seed?

No these birds aren't stupid and they will keep you company every step you take around the island. They will literally flock at your feet, sit on your shoulder and perch on your head.

Cherry Island, Taupo, New Zealand, Chicken with new chicksIt really is a MUST that you do give in on entry and buy some seed because if you don't you get the feeling these birds will not let you leave the island. Believe me they run this place not humans. You can almost believe that behind this deceptively cute, tame and friendly exterior lies a sinister desire to create a scene reminiscent of Hitchcok's "The Birds" if you depart without paying your dues. I am sure "choked by chook", "dead by dove" or "murdered by mallard" is not a nice way to go!

By the way whilst there are a lot of birds there are many other small creatures to see and to go "ahhhhhh" over as demonstratted by my final picture on this post. 

Cherry Island, Taupo, New Zealand, Animals, Cute Rabbits

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