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Wednesday, 13 February 1991

Steam Bore Valley Geothermal Power Station Wairakei

Looking at a power station may not be on everybody's list of primary things to do on holiday. In fact in terms of interstingness my wife would have given this a negative rating!

However if, like me, you like technological things then you may like to drive down to to Wairakei to look at the geothermal power generation plant there. It is an enormous complex.

You have to admire New Zealand for their achievement in being one of the greenest power generating countries in the world. The vast majority of Kiwi Power is from hydro-electric power stations. Wind and other natural sources like this add to the green power generation. In fact by 2025 it is New Zealand's ambition to have 90% of it's power from renewable sources.

I thought it a better advert for green power to publish my photo of the Steam Bore Valley plant below as the alternative was a photo of my good lady leaning on a railing overlooking the plant looking bored stiff (which she was).

Steam Bore Valley Wairakei New Zealand in 1991

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