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Monday, 11 February 1991

Botanical Garden, Napier, New Zealand

Doves in the Botanical Gardens Napier New Zealand 1991
If you have taken the advice in the last post and enjoyed the views from Bluff Hill you have not got far to travel to enjoy the beauty of Napier's Botanical Garden.

Grab a picnic and some bread to feed the ducks and enjoy another of New Zealand's stunning collections of its flora and fauna.

At this point it seems worth mentioning that, like me, you may live in a country where litter louts seem to be a way of life? This wasn't our experience in New Zealand. I don't know if the New Zealand authorities are just very good at picking up litter as it falls or whether all people are just very tidy? Regardless of the reason the Botanical Gardens as with everywhere else was just so incredibly tidy and well kept.

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