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Wednesday, 13 February 1991

Rotorua Museum Of Art and History, The Bath House

It is now the Rotorua Museum of Art and History but to most people who have seen this beautiful building it will always be known as The Bath House. The surrounding grounds and gardens are well kept and beautiful.

This building is probably one of the most pictured in New Zealand. However it should look a little different soon. Same beautiful appearance, just bigger.

When it was originally built construction funds ran out and therefore certain sections of the building were not completed. Now sufficient funds have been raised those missing parts are to be constructed to the original specifications. This will also provide valuable extra space for the museum's artefacts.

So if you are able to visit Rotorua's Bath House, sorry museum of art and history, again you can still take a great picture. But you will just need to stand further back or use a wide angle lens!

Rotorua, Bathhouse and bowling greens 1991

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