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Wednesday, 13 February 1991

Rotorua Luge

OK once you've enjoyed climbing the hills of Rotorua why not consider descending it by luge?

Skyline Gondola Luge Cable chairlift Rotorua New Zealand 1991This is fun for old and young alike. Decend the hills of Rotorua on a long, winding course. Each luge has 3 wheels and speed is easily controlled.

There are now 3 courses to choose from. When we went there was only the longer 2km course and that was superb fun.

Now there are 2 shorter courses which still enjoy superb views but provide more for those who enjoy tight bends/tunnels etc.

Don't worry you don't have to climb the hill on foot to meet up with the rest of your family. Instead you and your luge ascend the hill on a chairlift which is an enjoyable event itself.

If you are elderly don't let this put you off having a go. We saw people well over retirement age having great fun on the Rotorua luge.

Skyline Gondola Luge Track Rotorua New Zealand in 1991

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